About Us

Italserramenti is a company that provides quality windows providing a wide range of products which offer great value for money.

The company was founded in 1994 and continues to be distinguished by attention and loyalty to three key principles: integrity, professionalism and competence.

Italserramenti takes care of the entire production chain, from design to installation.

The Production Phases

The highly skilled technicians at Italserramenti are the real added value of the company and its products.
The designs are configured with the latest software on the market and with the help of three-dimensional software when designing more elaborate and complex structures. The fundamental principle upon which the whole production process is based is to never to neglect any detail during the creation process. Each stage of the production process is scrupulously followed, monitored and tested so as to maintain high production standards.
The customers' ideas are studied and elaborated in partnership together with highly-qualified specialists, who study the case and propose the best solutions in order to have a perfectly tailored project which does not need to be reworked afterwards.

Thanks to the constant search for new construction materials and also to the creation of original structural elements, Italserramenti is able to provide its customers with a wide range of products and the ability to create unlimited combinations valuing the essence of architecture.
Artisanal Production

Italserramenti deals with the creation of curtain walls, aluminium windows (standard and extrusion), PVC window frames, covers in glass, stainless steel, bronze and special alloys, ceilings, movable walls, raised floors, etc.
All these elements are machined with high precision machinery, checked and subsequently tested.


During the installation all elements and finishing are carefully and thoroughly checked.
When laying façades we use laser instruments that test the vertical and horizontal orientations of the structure to make sure that the façade cells are perfectly positioned, ensuring a perfect result.